Who is Shawn

From a young age, Shawn had a passion for architecture. The very idea of how things are structured and work together to build a more stronger and durable piece of artwork is what has always given him his creativity to “Creating a space to call your home”.

In 2005, an opportunity arose to own his own business and he took one of the biggest risks and became the new Owner of Lumber City Kitchens.

“I saw it as an opportunity to make my childhood dream become a reality. Even though I design kitchen cupboards and other built-in cupboards and projects wanted by my clients, I still enjoy what I do, because just like an architect, my work isn’t just appealing to the eye but also has the high end functionality my clients deserve.”

Shawn stands out as a business and manager of Lumber City Kitchens because of his involvement with his clients. He takes pride in ensuring that his clients are kept up to date with the progress of their projects as well as if anything such as time or changes to the projects are made. Shawn takes his client’s approval quite seriously especially with a larger scaled project; there is constant communication between himself and the client.

“It gives me satisfaction knowing that, over the years I have accomplished giving my clients top quality services and products provided to them”

Shawn has also travelled internationally to complete projects for his clients. Places such as Mozambique and further up Africa are just some of the locations he has paid a visit to, to ensure the work is up to standard and his clientele are happy anywhere in the world. Some particular projects Shawn has done are:

Our Services We Offer

Since taking over management of Lumber City Kitchens, Shawn has also taken the time to provide more than just kitchen revamps and renovations for his clients. We believe in bringing your family closer together through the good food you prepare at home and to match it with a kitchen that best portrays your way of living. Shawn is able to take your idea and turn it into reality. Whether it be an idea replicated from Pinterest or a vision of your own.

As a business, we also offer services for other sections of your home.

Over the years, Shawn and his team have developed their skills and taken the time and effort to create bathroom vanities, bedroom vanities, bedroom cupboards and built-in cupboards for that extra storage space you need.

With a demand for uniqueness, we have also designed and constructed imaginative themed beds for children. From a princess carriage to an astronaut's spaceship, we take into consideration your child's adventurous streak and your need to boost their ambitions to grow. It's not just the kids bedrooms that we do. Lumber City can design your own space to break away after a long day. Headboards, sideboards, built-in bedroom cupboards, even your own dresssing table if need be.

However, as adults, we also need our own space to do our daily routines.

We have built men their dream garage with Ferrari red themed all around to make them feel like a millionaire

And also provided bars for those lekker braai weekends when the boys come over for the Rugby match.

We've also created unique TV units to best fit those man cave needs or even just make it a piece that stands out in your home.

There's that old age saying. "The never ending story of dished and the laundry".

For the ladies who have a tight schedule and want to get things done, we can also provide and ideal layout for the laundry.

For those who work from home or business needing a fresh look, we have created ideal office spaces that benefits your needs to get the work done. This also includes receptionist areas that have and can be done for you.

We've done fun and colourful work for coffee shops to invite their own customers into their businesses.

We've also created out of this world playrooms.

And we haven't forgotten your fury friends either, Shawn has also custom made dog houses, even functional bunny enclosures to keep them safe while you're at work or school.

"Our creativity is what also makes us stand out".

Quality Control

As the manager of Lumber City Kitchens it is a satisfactory position to give my clients not only top quality work that they can be pleased with, but also to provide them with a well organized schedule and timely manner of installations.

We choose to work with high quality suppliers to ensure our high quality standards are met for our clientele. Because your kitchen is the heart of the house, using the proper hardware ensures that any kitchen we produce and construct, can now last longer without having constant services being done to keep it functioning.

We also work with other materials such as fiber glass and welding for instance, depending on the project you would like to be completed. I am old school and prefer things to be done by the book and completed on time.

For other businesses who are in the same industry as I am, I can only wish them well. Some individuals who walk into my office prefer my work while others may prefer my competitiion and that does not bother me. It is a fair game for anyone. It is more about preference and as a kitchen company I have learnt over the years to respect what clients like and dislike. Who they prefer and who they would not.

I have also learnt to deal with problems big or small on the spot and became a team player. That is what has helped me become the manager I am today. Working with a functioning team is not an easy feat. It was a challenge I wanted to accomplish. It took some time, but my team grew into themselves and became the back bone for Lumber City. My team has done well to work together and communicate with each other.